Executive Membership at Ascend

Our system combines traditional medicine with functional medicine, nutrition, anti-aging medicine and other advanced specialties. We start with an executive physical and then add VIP service, integrative health coaching, and technology to deliver an unparalleled personalized healthcare experience and to promote real progress to optimize your health and transform your life.  You even receive access to our physician-engineered nutritional supplement package every month as part of membership.  Cumulatively, that amounts to over $20,000 in value each year. 

The benefits of the medical membership model are even more amazing when you consider your time, your money, and your potential results.   

At Ascend Medicine, we expect you to save time by communicating directly with your doctor and health coach rather than a receptionist, by offering priority scheduling and extended appointment lengths so that your needs are appropriately addressed, and by utilizing our virtual technology (in many cases) when you are traveling or cannot come in. 

Further, we expect you to save money.  Because of the comprehensive nature of our executive wellness exam and the other services included in your membership, in most cases your healthcare costs should go down.  Research has shown that similar programs  

  • Save the average client over $2500 per year by decreasing ER utilization and hospitalizations.  
  • Slash prescription needs typically by 50 to 95%.  
  • And, Executive wellness has been shown to cut healthcare costs and improve productivity.

Ultimately, we expect you to see results.  With a better and more comprehensive understanding of your current health status, time with your doctor to establish a strategic and realistic plan moving forward, a health coach and so much more, the results are almost certain.  

Simply choose the option the best matches with your goals…

Premier Membership

Our Most Exclusive Membership
$ 297 Monthly
(Paid as $891 quarterly installments)
  • Executive Physical
  • VIP Concierge Services
  • FREE Virtual Visits
  • 3 FREE Nutritional supplements each month from Thrivetality ($207 Monthly Value)
  • Optimal Health Virtual Program
  • Integrative Health Coaching (quarterly)
  • Discounts on other services
Limited Availability


Premier Service at Value Pricing
$ 197 Monthly
(Paid as $591 quarterly installments)
  • Executive Physical
  • VIP Concierge Services
  • $20 Vitual Visits
  • Up to 20% Discount on Nutritional Supplements from Thrivetality Nutriscience
  • Optimal Health Virtual Program
  • Integrative Health Coaching (for a small fee)
  • Discounts on other services
Most Popular

Executive Physical

Preventive and Wellness Exam
$ 1597 One Time
  • Comprehensive Intake
  • Executive Physical with Dr Doug Hansen, MD or Dr Ashleigh Sartor, MD
  • Follow Up Integrative Health Coaching (1 Session)
  • Up to 20% Discount on Additional Health Coaching and Nutritional Supplements from Thrivetality Nutriscience

A Few More Benefits

To consider…

Save Money

Membership wellness programs have been shown to save clients $2,551 per year in health care cost on average. In addition, your membership fees may be paid from your HSA or may be tax deductible.

Improve Productivity

Research shows that clients of similar membership programs experience 28% fewer sick days per year and are generally more productive.

Take Fewer Medications

On average, clients of membership wellness programs are able to decrease medication usage by 50 to 95 percent.

The Fine Print

Stay in the know…

We are committed to your satisfaction.  There is no long term commitment.  Your membership renews each quarter and membership fees will be paid as quarterly installments with a credit card on file. You are fee to cancel at any time prior to your quarterly membership billing date.

The Ascend Membership, Executive, and Functional Medicine programs are not a replacement for traditional insurance coverage but are meant to be complementary to existing health insurance.

Clients will still need health insurance to cover all other medical services unrelated to the wellness programs, including sick visits, specialty consultations, laboratory, radiology, and other diagnostic tests, outpatient procedures and hospital stays. Co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance of their existing benefit package would apply to all healthcare services provided in addition to the membership services.

Please see our faq section for more information.